The Expro system is uniquely engineered to deliver premium, consistent, immersive & memorable events.



It’s our mission to redefine the future of premium events by providing architectural quality spaces like no other. Through inspirational, purposeful design, we intend to bring architecture to the very edge of the events industry.
We refer to this as #FastArchitecture.



We bake in the design and engineering to naturally provide a high performance system for event structures that look and perform beyond their contemporaries. Our system negates the need for costly, heavy and unsightly ballast or fixings, offering seamless looks and peace of mind.


Noise reduction

Engineered to work in all environments, with no loose parts which flip, flap or flop in the wind. Step inside to experience a calm and tranquil space that’s sets a new standard.


Less is more

With our commitment to be a circular company by 2025 we strive now to be as sustainable as possible and continue to create less waste. Our structures have a lot to say about this with everything we design striving to minimise the need for overlays that account for a huge amount of waste in the premium events industry.


Any time. Any place. Anywhere.

The premium mobile events system designed to go anywhere. Engineered to out perform and go beyond expectations, in the most demanding environments. AirClad is 100% reliable and 100% reusable.
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AirClad is a superb combination of contemporary British design and visionary engineering, all produced exclusively in the EU.


Inspire and engage

Bringing Space to Life & Life to Space.


Your values, our system.

We design solutions to champion the values of your brand through the physical experience.


Smooth Operator

Our system is designed to make life on the road as easy and enjoyable as possible. Refined to offer clean, minimal aesthetics, we believe in creating designs that are intuitive and easy to use.


Fast ambassadors

Our strength and passion lies in developing unique systems and designs, which sell themselves.
We work with our growing family of ambassadors who personally manage brands, clients and events locally.


The Event Horizon

We believe each project and product we design to have the power of attraction. It is an attraction that brings people closer. It’s about inquisitiveness, and ultimately engagement.

Suits all your needs

These AirClad Expro case studies are good ways to demonstrate just some of the possibilities.

Audi Q2 events

an XPO set up in the city for Esso

Lotus @ Goodwood

Volvo #1

Volvo #2