100% Reusable

A patented, non-destructive way of deconstructing: creating environment conscious solutions

“If it cannot be, Reduced, Reused, Repaired, Rebuilt, Refurbished, Refinished, Resold, Recycled, or Composted. Then it should be restricted, re designed, removed from production.”


Every aspect of AirClad has been refined and edited to minimise the amount of materials used and to maximise strength and durability, to create enduring designs.


AirClad believes in renting and sharing before making new. It approaches each new requirement  with a view to use current stock and re appropriate old designs to meet new needs. The modular nature of the AirClad allows maximum flexibility in achieving this.


Every element of an AirClad can be repaired. Each element is fully de-mountable to the individual components making repairs fast and cost effective.


AirClad are designed and engineered to be rebuilt over and over again. It is as simple and honest as that.

Refurbished and Refinished

The Airclad components are naturally suited to being refurbished and upgraded with new finishes. This keeps the AirClad up-to-date with current needs without wasteful heavy reinvestments.


We believe that no AirClad need be decommissioned an, as such, selling of refurbished stock offers a commercially attractive entry point to working with the AirClad system.


In the worse case where it would not be possible to repair or reuse an individual component from the AirClad system, they can all be fully recycled. Where possible, primary construction of AirClads will use recycled materials and our aim is to be 100% recycled by 2025.


Our products and systems have been developed against the positive backdrop of ecological conciseness since we started, back in 1995. Sustainability has become an increasingly large part of daily life and, particularly in the last 5 years, we have seen industry leaders in a number fields adopt green business practises to great affect – altering perceptions and inspiring others to follow suit. As our clients and partners become more aware of the damage that industry is doing to the local and global environment, we are working hard to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable change and searching for solutions together. We believe our business practises can reflect a more eco-minded, future-facing business approach that is better for all.

AirClad Products are designed for reuse, time and time again. We’re proud to say that some of our oldest structures, those that started us on this journey, are still in everyday use over ten years after leaving the factory, with expectations to last way into the future. The modular nature of AirClad enables us to easily replace and refurbish parts, to achieve new aesthetics and minimise breakages. Extending the life of our structures helps us reduce our environmental footprint, yet still we aim to do more.

AirClad and its partners recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. As pioneers in the field of fast architecture and lightweight design, we feel it is our duty to lead by example and do all that we can to minimise our negative environmental impact. Implementation of a business-wide sustainability review in 2017 presented us with the opportunity to redefine our goals and take greater responsibility for our business practices.

Years later, we are committed to implementing all aspects of this policy and continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. With regular review points we will be able to evaluate and update our operations. We encourage our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

A large part of our new product development in 2019 is the exploration and implementation of sustainable materials as alternatives, such as FSC Certified Timber to meet demands for low energy production.