Quality & Engineering

Fast Architecture

AirClad is the mobile architecture system designed to go anywhere, engineered to perform in the most demanding environments for use over and over again.

AirClad Technology

AirClad technology is versatile by design and forms the DNA behind our uniquely designed systems for mobile and reusable structures. We refer to this as ‘Fast Architecture’.

In a fast-paced world, speed is key to success. Fast Architecture not only embraces speed of installation, but also speed of development – paramount in keeping our structural solutions ahead of ever-changing demands for nomadic, architectural structures.

AirClad technology is based on a decade of refinement based around a unique construction with distinct physical properties. At its heart is the engineering principal of a twin-wall, flexible membrane, wrapping around a lightweight frame system to create tension. When the membrane achieves pressure it creates a tensile structure, uniquely strong in the way it transfers and absorbs forces. We pride ourselves on the fact that due to this engineering, no ground fixings are required in virtually all AirClad single-story deployments.

100% Reusable

The resulting product is light weight, weather-proof and benefits from enhanced acoustic and thermo-insulating properties. With the pressurised membrane accounting for a large portion of the end construction, we are able to build with limited components, most of which have been specially developed to slot together in assembly. Minimising the need for nuts and bolts gives us a system that is 100% reusable with greatly-reduced servicing demands.

Red Dot Design Award

As a consequence of these engineering refinements, we have not only simplified and safely sped up the process of on-site assembly, we’ve improved efficiency in transportation and storage of the equipment. The functional and serviceable longevity of AirClad, plus the ability to reuse all the elements of the system, makes it a truly eco product. As such, it was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in Germany in 2015.

Designed and Manufactured in the EU

AirClad products are proudly designed and manufactured in the EU. It goes without saying that all structures are tested and warrantied to ensure they will perform beyond expectation.

With over two decades of experience designing game-changing products for the mobile events industry, AirClad products are rooted in innovation and purposefully designed to market, inspire and enhance brands with architectural quality. We believe that AirClad successfully demonstrates the design philosophy ‘Form Follows Function’.

AirClad provides bespoke design and build solutions alongside its own core range of structures to ensure that the system remains accessible.