The Future


AirClad technology is versatile by design, making it ideally suited to a wide-range of applications. This section introduces a selection of our self initiated projects as they start life as opportunities and ideas we feel are worth exploring. Hopefully they evolve into part of our core range, spin off to become part of a new sector offer, or simply influence and contribute to other product narratives.

Along side these projects which we are able to show, AirClad is working with a number of clients on NPD for even wider range of applications where high performance semi permanent architectural solutions are needed. The relationships range from straight forward collaborations to full consultancy services, with everything being built on the AirClad technology from events to outer space.

Changes to climate, population and social norms are creating demand for flexibility in all aspects of our lives. From living solutions and workplaces to healthcare and community. Embracing change has been at the heart of all that we’ve done for the past 20 years, enabling us to create pioneering projects all over the world. The challenges of today are different so our solutions are different. We understand the immediacy of problems and know that we need to act fast in order to solve them.

UrBan X

Urban expansion, as a result the world’s populations migrating to cities, is creating extraordinary demand for locally grown, fresh food produce in areas devoid of agricultural land. Vertical urban farming can offer a solution to this growing problem. This relatively new farming practice sees plants grown in stacks using hydroponics or aeroponics to remove the need for soil and artificial light, often LEDs, as a substitute for sunlight.

We believe by using AirClad technology, we can create engineered spaces specifically for this purpose that are lighter and more efficient to build than traditional glass structures. In addition, AirClad technology can be securely mounted on the roofs of industrial buildings and residential housing alike, utilising previously dis-used urban space for growing fresh food.

Whilst these structures are primarily developed for farming organic produce, the spaces can be enhanced with social, co-working and accommodation facilities, ideal for the regeneration of local communities. AirClad structures are engineered to be installed permanently and are 100% reusable, with minimal environmental impact.

Med X

Med X is a live study into the concept of a step down medical facilities which can be plugged into any existing hospital to provide fast solutions to increase demand on bed spaces. These can be seasonal variances, emergency, or simply part of a strategic long term need for space.

Med X structures are designed to be safe and easy to use, blending function and performance. They are engineered for permanent use and will comply to building regs and will withstand the all manner of weather conditions. Med X is entirely reusable, can be used on any ground surface without invasive ground works so if a structure moves on, no mark is left behind.

AirClad challenges traditional temporary solutions for step-down medical care by delivering sustainable, scalable and engaging spaces. Med X is a range of modular, portable structures that can be scaled up or down in response to changing demands for space. Problems do not go away on their own. The ground breaking nature of Med X delivers on our passion to provide solutions where decisions are hardest.
Med X can be tailored to your needs and customised to improve recovery and rehabilitation.