The very first AirClad structures where made with Kertu timber SpaceFrames. As we developed the to core AirClad [X] event systems these were developed using aluminium profiles for lightness and servicing needs.

The Volvo brief required AirClad [SP] to review and develop a lower carbon product for their new tour. The opportunity to re use the Kertu frames was leaped upon and these structures were develop from the exact XPO6 grid allowing cross over of all standard parts to minimise re production.
The designs incorporated new side opening and storage elements which all worked with the standard AirClad grid. The final products had a warmth, with architectural quality and an engaging energy to be around.
We always focus on using the right materials for longevity and performance as we believe this best delivers in minimising our impact on the environment. AirClad [SP] Is working on many new projects featuring the Kertu space frames and AirClad [X] has introduced Volvo style event systems for rental within its core range.
AirClad [SP] Volvo
Volvo SP 2