XTRA Retail Space

Overview Nov 06, 2020 News, Press, Expro

With the announcement in England of entering into Lock Down Part 2 and other restrictions in place across the UK, Christmas 2020 for retailers just got a whole lot more difficult.

Less time to cram in the same level of potential business in the middle of a global pandemic, expected to be delivered with the same space and same amount of customers.

Not a scenario that seems to tinged with seasonal delight.

With Supermarkets being allowed to stay open for the duration of the Lock Down, the pressures on space, whilst trying to stick to social distancing and safe environments, are such that will be difficult to ensure that Christmas shopping this year will be a pleasurable experience.

The sight of traditional marquess as additional storage in Supermarket carparks, has become familiar over the years, and will no doubt make a reappearance over the next few weeks and months……….

but what about additional retail space for shoppers?

Space that creates the same premium engaging and inspiring brand environment and safety as the main store, but can utilise the space in the adjacent carparks and help the Supermarkets increase selling space, footfall and sales?

Space that releases the pressure on the numbers allowed in the main existing store,  as well as the pressures of unwanted queues and fed up, disenchanted customers.

At AirClad, we believe that we have the perfect answer and solutions to these issues between now and December the 25th and beyond.

Through our offer of high performance, architectural quality modular systems that are available for immediate delivery and installation, we have a number of retail suited engineered solutions to perform in Supermarket carparks anywhere in across the UK.

Our spaces would provide opportunities to create potential satellite, stand alone departments, freeing up space to expand the depth of stock in the main store.

From a specialised, dedicated Christmas Gift Shop, to Wines & Spirits, the options are endless, yet practical, and would help the main store’s flow to be maintained.

Structures currently available range from the popular XPO6 and XPO10, providing up to 265 square meters of space.

In addition to the extra retail space solutions, we at AirClad also recognise the importance of looking after front line staff at such a busy time, when others are cocooned in the safety of their own homes.

So AirClad can also offer solutions for staff to rest, recover and refuel in in a dedicated environment away from the main store.

To further enhance the customer experience, AirClad can also provide truly mobile solutions for additional Click & Collect stations, or a dedicated space outside the store for Customer Service areas and support or other service heavy departments.

If you want to be a Supermarket Superhero this Christmas, contact AirClad without delay:

info@airclad.com or call Ash Armstrong on 07501 288327

Download the presentation for more ideas here.