The return of Inflate

Overview May 19, 2023 Case, News, Press, Express, Expro

The return of Inflate

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 will see 90’s cult brand Inflate, Founded by Nick Crosbie, return to their original stomping ground of East London. The Iconic London Fields design studio was an influential part of a design fraternity in the 90’s and 00’s, underpinning a now well-established London design scene – much of which centred around Clerkenwell and neighbouring areas.  An Inflate retrospective will show designs from accessories to fashion and a range of outdoor furniture, working with a new, high-strength material, and the signature wit and humour of Inflate aesthetics.

Inflate & AirClad

The Inflate studio, situated now in Antwerp, remains an ongoing hub for varied ‘inflatable’ projects, spanning fashion, interiors, and future architectural concepts. Sister brand AirClad is this year’s ‘Future Architecture Partner’ – showcasing the evolution of Inflate through a series of incredible structures put to work across the route. The progressive AirCell technology which enables highly engineered, temporary architecture, has already revolutionised the events industry and gives rise to other opportunities across housing, farming, retail and more.

Conversations at Clerkenwell

Founder, Nick Crosbie will participate with architect John Norden in ‘Conversations at Clerkenwell’ – the festival’s official talks programme. A talk on future architecture will explore the potential of temporary structures in the context of sustainable housing and affordable living.

12.00-13.00 Wednesday May 24th
Spa Fields, Skinner Street, London, EC1