Sprinkling a Little Retail Christmas Magic with Lush

Overview Nov 04, 2021 Case, News, Express

Christmas is coming and this year it’s a little more pink with those clever people from Lush.

The brand that loves to create fresh, innovative and anarchic cosmetic products, had a desire to take one of their ranges, The Snow Fairy, to a broader, local customer base. Once they had scoped the extent of what they wanted to achieve, they realised that AirClad X had the perfect vehicle to help them deliver on that desire.

The X TRL6 is the ultimate in retail touring events where a pre-built solution is required. Complete with integrated lighting and uniquely designed features for wall-mounted accessories and graphics, the interior space is open-plan and ready for any interior fit out.

Teaming up with the versatile AirClad XTRL6 pop up shop to take their sweet treats to local high streets and shopping centres across the UK, the link up with Lush, couldn’t be a better example of what the XTRL6 was initially designed for when at the development stage.

Having seen other products in the AirClad X range be used for stunning brand activations, we saw a real opportunity in pop-up retail, away from the pressures of traditional ‘bricks + mortar’.

The XTRL6 allows retailers to ‘go to their customers’ and be dynamic in the way they can do it. It allows them to promote their brand in a physical and emotive manner whilst creating additional ‘turnover’ opportunities instead of traditional ‘brand activations’, wherever they want.

In addition to the mobile retail environment, the XTRL6 also provides the platform for retailers to conduct live research for new sub brands, ranges and  many other trialing options, including the possibility to explore the merits of new shop fits before expensive roll outs or even how a brand might be received in a location that they currently don’t trade in.





XTRL6_LUSH_RETAIL_POP-UP The Lush XTRL6 pop-up retail

With the XTRL6 there is no need for installation teams or costly on-site time prior to your event. Just decide your location, turn up and do what you do best in the XTRL6.

Just tow, leave + go!

For more information on the LUSH Christmas tour, read their press release here

or contact us directly to find out more and how we can help your retail brand. You can also explore the XTRL6 more here

XTRL6_LUSH_RETAIL_POP-UP SHOP Pop-Up Retail environment