Snooze & Don’t Lose.

Overview Jun 09, 2020 Case, News, Press, Express

Following the unanimous vote by Premier League clubs to resume training in small groups, AirClad were contacted by Chelsea FC to provide individual space to enable their players to prepare for the eagerly awaited return to training.

With their priority remaining the safety and comfort of their players, Chelsea recognised the need to provide personal safe space for their squad. With hotels still closed, the requirement was for accommodation that could be immediately set up on site at their training ground in Cobham.

The space had to be compact enough that 20 separate rooms could be used at any one time, whilst providing enough room for a double bed and resting space between sessions; so that the players could avoid added outside contact by going home and return to the training ground, due to the double sessions players face for the re-start of the season.

The ideal solution was the AirClad Snoozy.

An environmentally low-impact pop-up accommodation space, designed to be used anywhere.

It is ideally suited to weekend events or season-long deployments, with the flexibility of the main space providing the possibility to be configured with a double bed (or with twin beds or twin bunk-beds), providing stylish and safe accommodation.

On Sunday 31st May, a team of four from IW[X], AirClad’s operations team, successfully installed all 20 rooms on one of the pitches a short stroll across from the main training pitch, ready for a team to go in on the Monday and make the rooms clean, safe and comfortable under the strict medical protocols of the highest standard to ensure the entire squad can return to training in the safest environments possible.

Chelsea FC are leasing the 20 Snoozys from AirClad for a period of up to six months with an extension at the end of the period if needed.

If you are a Premier League football or rugby club and are returning to training and need to provide safe space for your players, then contact AirClad now by emailing Ashley Armstrong at, we would love to help. Rental and leasing options available. #FastArchitecture

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