Six of the Best from 2021

Overview Jan 25, 2022 Case, News, Express, Expro

The challenges of the pandemic were still evident within 2021 for the event industry. At AirClad, it felt that a years events were delivered within a six month period, so we thought we’d do some ‘Timefulness’ and look back over Six of the Best projects from that Six months.

Despite the mood within the country and market place, we embraced the challenges we faced, coming out of, what at times, felt like very dark places.

We continued to approach our projects in a manner that challenge us as a business and our clients, by using design solutions that positively challenge the industry we work within. That create excitement for us in the knowledge that we position ourselves at the forefront, developing designs that not only have the future in mind, but are also led with a care for our environment.

These elements are the common ground that bond and unite us as a team by how fastidiously we come together to make a success of each project and the solutions we provide and the impact it has on others.

We will be sharing these individually on our Social Media, so if you happen to arrive here before they are all posted, you have the benefit of seeing them altogether. So please, let us know what you think.



The AirClad XTRL is immersed in colour and fragrance to take the UK brand, LUSH, on the road. The AirClad operated multi-event, mobile tour, navigated across the UK from October all the way to Christmas Eve.

Location: UK wide


#5 XPO6 Hear My Voice

Making words count. AirClad bring theatre to an XPO6 at the Literature festival with personalised AirCells and graphic wraps for the fascias.
Location: Cheltenham, UK

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XPO6 Hear My Voice XPO6 Hear My Voice

#4 XPO10 Nissan

An open and engaging space engineered to be a match for the elements, even an open windy airfield.
Providing Nissan with a fully branded environment at Fully Charged, the Clean Energy and Electric Vehicle Show.
Though we had a number of different structures exhibiting, we chose this due to its size and the use of the Canopy AirCells, optimum brand visibility and fresh air.
Location: Fully Charged, Farnborough Airport, UK
XPO10 Nissan XPO10 Nissan

#3 XPO10 Goodwood FOS

Hitting the ground running with a brand new operational crew in 2021 and very tight deadlines down to changing pandemic guidelines, the new entrance canopy for BP’s Pulse charging activation created shock waves throughout Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The BP environment was just one of four AirClads used at the event, including the new Goodwood merchandise shop.

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Location: The picture perfect Estate of Lord March, Chichester, UK

XPO10 Goodwood FOS with BP Pulse XPO10 Goodwood FOS with BP Pulse


Making retail personal, HOKA worked with AirClad to deliver an individual, service led environment in multiple locations in areas that could otherwise not be accessed.

Utilising the XPLAY plug and play retail shop-fit from AirClad, we create mobile retail spaces for the future.

Location: France wide

XPO6 HOKA Retail XPO6 HOKA Retail

#1 Special Project IBM

The number one event for 2021 from AirClad.

A true bespoke solution from the XSP team here at AirClad, designed in conjunction with the global brand IBM, to deliver a premium training space, keeping in tune with the fast-paced change of global events.

The double storey building provided multiple, interactive and immersive zones and spaces, that has become one of the best examples of the design flexibilities of the AirClad system.

Designed to create high performance structures like no one else, delivering architectural-quality spaces with engaging looks, operational superiority and minimal impact on the local environment.

Location. Germany, Europe

For more information on the XSP to turn your imagination into reality, contact Nick Crobie here.