Restart, Re-engage, Re-energised.

Overview Jul 23, 2020 News, Press, Express, Expro

Over the last few months, it has felt like time stood still.

The shutdown of global economies, social-distancing, isolation, the immense strain on medical services on a global level could easily have left individuals, businesses and brands paralysed with indecision and uncertainty. However, at AirClad we seized on the opportunity to work even harder behind the scenes, developing ideas and strategies at a depth we might not of had the chance to in normal circumstances.

On July 17th, the Prime Minister made a tentative announcement that larger gatherings and commercial events may be allowed to take place by October 1st.

Addressing the nation from Downing Street, he confirmed that conferences and exhibitions will be permitted in England from 1 October 2020.

We have always known that this pandemic will be with us for a long time but equally we have known the need to physically communicate and to be together in larger groups would and will continue, all be it with the correct safety measures in place.

We see this as an opportunity to do better, to be more clever with our resources and to stimulate and engage in activities that are meaningful and purposeful.

The purpose of Airclad has always been to do better with less, to push to the limits both physically and creatively.

AirClad XPO6 Audi AirClad XPO6 Audi


Rob Statham, MD of AirClad X’s UK Operations on hearing the announcement said:

“We are pleased to see the industry have the chance to re-engage again and we are fully energised to lead the way in safely delivering events in new ways which will be better than anything we’ve done before.

The AirClad team is built on people with great resilience and amazing problem solving skills, I am confident that whatever the outlook is we will be at the forefront of change.

Our priority is to develop even stronger relationships with existing customers and to establish new ones in places that we may not have even consider prior to the pandemic.”

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We also have seen a new opportunity arise from what has been happening in the retail sector. Brands and retailers alike can combine in AirClad structures, traditional brand activations and new product launches, whilst providing safe and controlled retail spaces that can take money and act as additional or capsule retail spaces in places that a traditional retailer may not be able to get access.

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Finally, we have experienced many retailers and bars enquiring about pop up facilitates to supplement their existing trading space to aid social distancing. Why not consider an Airclad structure that can be used as additional premium temporary space while ensuring a safe and healthy environment for public and staff alike.

If you’d like to enhance your existing space, are starting to plan a new event that allows you to be ready for the re-start or would like to discuss Event Retailing, please contact for more information. All stock is available for rental, leasing, and purchase.

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