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Overview Aug 25, 2022 News, Expro

The AirClad X brand delivers event, retail and leisure products with high performance design at its core. Our structures are crafted to engage and inspire people, to ultimately bring space to life.

AirClad was established in. 2008 and since then it has developed a comprehensive range of industry challenging products which sit alongside a series of one off custom designs for our premium brand clients.

AirClad is looking for creative entrepreneurs who share our vision and drive to build the brand reach, using the extensive experience gained during years spent delivering world class events all over the world.

The following pages give a topline introduction to the options AirClad have to work with their systems and services, but do feel free to challenge and make your own proposition if you see an alternative opportunity to network together.


AirClad offers exclusive franchise agreements for businesses and individuals who have the desire to develop and market their own territory or region. Franchisee partners would demonstrate the financial, marketing and operational skills to develop the AirClad X brand and successfully develop their business.
Franchisees are able to rent, lease and sell AirClad systems.


As a design lead brand we are always looking to partner with creative individuals who can utilise AirClad within their own design services. We would support and supply the base data needed to develop projects for event, retail and leisure.
These projects can be rentals, leasing, sales and custom design and build.

Premium AirClad Operators

AirClad owns and operates the largest range of AirClad X event systems. Our Premium operators store, operate and service AirClad equipment. AirClad will market the equipment alongside the Premium operators who are also able to service with their own client base using AirClad structures.
While this is primarily focused towards rentals and leasing, the opportunity to sell AirClad and develop custom design work is also possible.

Operator partners

If you are an operator and do not have the desire to stock and service AirClad equipment you can still use the products via AirClad and its Premium operators. AirClad offers preferential inter trading agreements to ensure you remain competitive and have access to all the latest AirClad designs.

Joint Venture

As a design and production company AirClad is able to develop products for other markets. The design offices in the UK and Antwerp will support all your needs, and the network of Operators gives peace of mind that all can be delivered safely and securely

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