Helping Gyms and Fitness Centres ‘Stretch Further’.

Overview Aug 27, 2020 Case, News, Expro

In a time pre-Covid, which feels longer ago that it actually was, the Village Hotel in Portsmouth launched their new Fitness Pod in one of AirClad’s XPO10.

After a few months of exciting activity, the Fitness Pod, which is currently located next to the futuristic looking new style Village Hotel, became dormant due to the pandemic.

After four months of mandatory closure, it was one of more than 7,000 gyms, leisure centres and indoor swimming pools across England that have now been allowed with new vigour and enthusiasm, to reopen their doors.

When it was installed, The Fitness Pod was an initiative to help create more space, quickly, due to the success of the new hotel’s gym and fitness centre, and had been targeted for an assortment of both classes and personal training.

The future of fitness in the UK and across the world is still to be re-written to one extent, as not everyone is a fan of socially distanced running or livestreamed  workouts, whilst hygiene standards and the hygiene of others still remains a concern for other users of specific dedicated spaces.

What the additional AirClad architecturally inspired space at the Village in Portsmouth creates, is additional safe space that can be controlled easier by allowing additional smaller classes in a relatively large space, installed quickly, with the ability to create fresh air with an opening facia, and the flexibility to offer members a breadth of classes with dynamic management.

One fitness instructor says:

the “market of virtual classes” could definitely expand, but he doesn’t think this could quite take the place of working out in real life. “Aerobic classes are one thing… And we’ve seen a lot of success with [livestreamed classes run by the likes of TV fitness coach and presenter] Joe Wicks over lockdown. But he actually thinks many people would want to keep their memberships to do their favourite classes, in person, with their preferred instructor.” The “social aspect of gyms” is hard to replicate, he adds, “if you’re stuck behind a screen.”

Like any other sector, fitness will need to adapt to a post-pandemic world. That could mean raising prices to make up for limited capacity.

Bigger venues might be able to offset certain issues, but at AirClad, we know that not every venue has an abundance of it, which is why the Village have been able to benefit from the additional space we helped create.

AirClad are able to supply turnkey solutions to any semi or permanent projects. We work closely with all parties involved throughout the process including the Application Submission, Plan Assessment, Site Inspections and Completion of Works.

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