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Overview Apr 14, 2022 Case, Press
In terms of speed, the XTRL is literally AirClads’ fastest piece of event architecture. 
A recent project for Diesel exemplifies this, taking their event on a whistle stop tour across the UK, delivering product and brand to their clients when and where needed. 
Thinking ‘Fast’ 
‘Fast’ is not a concept that is always associated with quality. But at AirClad X we see ‘Fast’ as a creative streamlining process that allows our clients to focus their energy on the areas of a project that will maximise their return.
FastArchitecture is about our systems and products being designed to intuitively encourage the best in events.
By developing our own approach to this challenge, AirClad X have created a core system which is engineered to go anywhere, is easy and intuitive to use. 
These features align to deliver ‘Fast’. 
‘Fast’ as in easy to understand, so that ‘Fast’ decisions can be made, that allow a client to dedicate time to add value with their brand within the spaces created.
Without Compromise
AirClad X strive to deliver the ultimate platform for creatively motivated, mobile event space. 
As designers we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what can be done, that enable us to bring architectural design to the world of events and mobile retail.
0-60 in Quality Time
‘Fast’ should not be seen as a way to impact our commitment to achieve great things. It’s not about speed at all costs. 
We see it as a way to break free of constraints, that in turn provides quality time to allow new opportunities to emerge to help us all do better.
People say time is money, and if that’s the case then arguably the XTRL is our most cost effective event system.
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