Overview Jul 28, 2023 Case, News, Express, Expro

We have been a proud supplier to Goodwood since the early 2000’s

Our initial structures posed a challenge to traditional marquees, with our Unipart Turtle’s unique clamshell design. Since then we have reinvented or improved our product offering year on year, bringing innovation to many aspects of Goodwood as a show and the premium brands that make it an international destination.

Citroën, MasterCard, The Telegraph & Arrival to name but a few

The Goodwood Merchandise shop has become a prominent feature of the event and we have been working to evolve the customer experience, immersing shoppers into the wild world of Festival of Speed. The store has a huge foot fall and our AirClad structure provides all the retail facilities needed to maintain a  seamless experience day after day.

As a design company, we pride ourselves on the creative journey we undertake with our clients

In addition to the project deliverables, we also like to share new ideas and propositions with Goodwood to show new ways of bringing an architectural feel and quality to the event. Below are some samples for pop-up ticketing and information hubs as well as more open, premium retail spaces.

The introduction of EV has created a new dynamic to the event and while this finds its feet, it is clear that the heritage, noise and smell of the ICE will live on for many more events.