Don’t Delay: Three Ways to Engage with AirClad

Overview May 12, 2022 News, Expro


Immediately available. Did you know that AirClad X hold stock for your immediate brand requirements?
In numerous UK locations, an AirClad is never that far away.
Renting is an affordable choice that makes it easy to elevate your brand for one-off events or tours.

The design of our structures provide the ideal canvas for companies to overlay their brands and create compelling stories for their customers, wherever they might be.
AirClad X provide numerous services aside our structure rental packages that help in the overall brand experience delivery, from design overlay, operational build and de-rig on site, to interior design and shoplift.
Why not contact us discuss your brand experience requirements.
XPO6 AirClad X XPO6


Making it yours. All of our AirClad X structures are available to purchase and made to order.
For brands, locations and retailers that don’t want to be restricted by bricks and mortar, owning an AirClad can be an extremely wise choice.

The purchasing option provides greater flexibility in terms of creating your own brand statement and personalising your own unique mobile space that stand out from others.

The Airclad X range of off-the-shelf products deliver unmatched, awe-inspiring results.
Contact us now to discuss how we can help enhance your brand statement.


Spreading the load. When a structure is required for a longer specified period of time, AirClad X can help by providing leasing options to suit your requirements. Whether it be single or multiple structures, off-the-shelf or otherwise, AirClad X provide brands with the flexibility to engage with their customers in a premium space, no matter the location.

Find out more about the terms for leasing by contacting us now.

If you would like to use an AirClad X structure to enhance your brand event, then please contact Colin Graham directly who is available to consult you on the most appropriate option for your activation.