Challenge or Disrupt?

Overview Oct 25, 2019 News, Express, Expro
The thing with AirClad is that we never set out to challenge or disrupt the structures being used in the events industry. It was just obvious that the time had come to do something better.
We could see that the top brands and agencies wanted something better, which was not currently being offered. The work we had been doing with the Inflate Structures had helped us to see the patterns in what is needed at the core. Namely the following:
Solutions that are fast and easy to use, no one likes complicated fiddly products.
A Space to offer the platform to easily overlay all services, such as power, lighting, branding. The end space needs to look seamless.
Engineering beyond temporary. A solution that can be relied on in all weather.
And finally assurance and reliability.
We know in the premium events world everything must be delivered on time and in great condition. We built our own operations and serving division to ensure this.
We knew by ‘baking’ these 4 points into a great looking piece of design we would have a ground breaking product. The process to arrive at AirClad was in the end effortless as the parts fell into place as we started to understand these key points. It really was a case of form follows function. We strove to reduce and minimalise everything we could to get the product as tight as possible.
All the time being focused on getting it right, we never realised how far we had moved from the industry standards. AirClad has now become a high performance piece of true mobile architecture that we feel is way beyond the alternatives we look at in the events industry.
The difference for us is that we did not set out to try and beat the competition, we tried to just do the very best we could knowing what the customer needed within the design.
The surprise for us was that we could see AirClad beyond events, the system and the technology we are now developing has far reaching opportunities in market sectors such as accommodation, offices, schools, hospitals and more besides. Challenging or disrupting?
It’s in our DNA.