AirClad & Visplay

Overview Feb 21, 2023 Case, News, Press

The Future of Mobile Retail

Last week at Vitra’s flagship store in Shoreditch, AirClad – pioneers of highly-engineered, mobile structures and Visplay – global players in modular systems for commercial interiors, joined forces for an event which shone light on the future of mobile retail. Together, they explored how a flexible approach to retail could be achieved with high quality delivery front and centre.

The event saw hands-on AirClad Founder, Nick Crosbie host a talk on the history of his brand – from an RCA grad in the mid-90’s toying with inflatables, to a market leader in premium, mobile architecture. The journey has been largely market-led by the events industry, where the demand from high-end brands to create tailored brand experiences has pushed Nick to create AirClad’s premium event structure range; EXPRO.

Following a chance meeting at Euro Shop, Visplay surpassed AirClad’s expectation of what could be achieved with internal display systems that are ready-made and highly specified. The collaboration offers brands a retail opportunity which can be used anywhere and challenges the financial model of short-term space rental. Structures such as the XTRL, seen at last week’s event are quick to set-up, yet incredibly durable and customisable. All of this works in a wider retail landscape which sees some permanent spaces in jeopardy and positions pop-up, mobile brand experiences as a viable part of the marketing mix for brands and retailers.

‘AirClad sees mobilising spaces for events and retail as second nature in an era where purchasing can happen literally anywhere, coupled with an appetite for the experiential. We can respond by popping up and moving on, and with a detailed technology which allows for high-end ‘Fast Architecture’ where and whenever needed. With Visplay’s modular, customisable, and versatile systems already visible in department stores, fashion boutiques, brand stores and showrooms – we take this to a whole new level.’

Nick Crosbie, Inflate