A versatile modular building system. It is the ideal basis for creating all types of high quality, temporary medical spaces - from simple recovery rooms to fully operational wards.


Engineered to Perform Anywhere

Engineered to work in all environments, in any location, with precision performance. Med X helps create a calm and tranquil space that sets new standards in quick deployment medical units.
Through inspirational, purposeful design, we intend to bring architecture to the very edge of the temporary medical industry.


Fast & Agile to Deploy

All of the products in our Med X range can be deployed from the UK and installed within hours and days, depending on the size required.


Safe & Secure

Our premium system is designed to go anywhere. Engineered to out perform and go beyond expectations, in the most demanding environments. Med X is 100% reliable and 100% reusable.


Easy to Clean & Maintain

Due to the minimal design aesthetics and components, the Med X range is
refined to offer clean and safe environments.
We believe in creating designs that are intuitive and easy to use.


100% Reusable

“If it cannot be, Reduced, Reused, Repaired, Rebuilt, Refurbished, Refinished, Resold, Recycled, or Composted. Then it should be restricted, re-designed and removed from production.”
This is at the heart of everything we do with Med X.


Stock Available for Immediate Deployment

With a warehouse situated in the North of England, Med X structures can be deployed across the UK and anywhere across Northern Europe with immediate effect.


Specified to Any Medical Requirment

A complete ‘turn-key’ solution through working with our partners ‘Hospital in a Box’, we can create medical spaces for virtually any specific medical requirements.