The links below are for the only officially AirClad approved contacts.
Contact us now if you would be interested in representing in any other territories.

Global Network Enquiries

Partnerships & Franchising | Lease | Rent | Sales |

t: +44 (0) 1202 942 475

Design & Build

Please directly contact our Founder Nick Crosbie


For all operational support, training or installations contact AirClad directly

AirClad [X] Event Systems: UK

For UK rent or sales please contact us directly on

AirClad [X] Event Systems: NEW ZEALAND (FRANCHISEE)

For rent or sales in NEW ZEALAND please contact Rich Adams

t: +64 9 970 1482

AirClad [X] Event Systems: AUSTRALIA

For Sales, Rentals or Leasing please contact Stan Kruss
Expo Centric
t: +61 29937 1500

AirClad [X] Event Systems: FRANCE

For rent or sales in FRANCE please contact Nathan Rubin
m: +33 (0)6 15 47 67 78
t: +33 (0)1 42 07 47 03