IBM AirClad [SP]

AirClad [SP] 

“AirClad Special Projects” drive the development of new products which, if selected, can be introduced to the core range once tested and resolved. Some of these are in-house designs where AirClad has identified market challenges as opportunities to bring new ideas to market , or can be influenced by client design briefs.
Being a design led brand, the AirClad [SP] is a core part of the group and is Directed from our offices in Antwerp, Belgium. AirClad [SP] is hugely experienced in developing event based designs which can be found all across this web site, as well as the world.
In recent years the AirClad [SP] has been taking on more architectural designs for housing, urban farms, offices and medical markets, to name a few.
The work, to date, that AirClad [SP] has undertaken on the architectural side has built on the knowledge from over 20 years of events experience to challenge the concept of bricks and mortar.
AirClad [SP] Has designed and engineered 100% reusable systems which will meet building code, yet with the total flexibly of design and operational knowledge learned from the events world. These structures are engineered to sit light on the ground and be used as long as needed and re-appropriated there after.
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