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Mobile Event systems

10m XPO AirClad temporary event pop up building on a roof terrace in London for Hotpod yoga
AirClad pop-up temporary event structure for bar and chill out area for Puma at Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante
AirClad bar covering for badboot in Antwerp, XO offset fascia. Chillout zone with lovely panoramic views.

AirClad has a range of off the shelf structures called the Xpo range. It is designed and produced using our experience in touring live events structures all over the world. AirClad eXpo can be used as a portable touring space or set up and left permanently in-situ for any purpose you may have.  Each structure is designed and engineered for either capability. The eXpo system is light weight, fast and easy to install. The front and rear fascia are finished to architectural standards, offering a clean crisp reception for guests. Standard eXpo sizes up to 12m spans with side connections to extend the spaces even wider if needed. All the eXpo systems work on a 2.5m air cell grid allowing them to be increased in depth by this multiple. 



This has been a journey of over 20 years that influences and shapes AirClad as we know it. A progression of genuine ideas with an honest, inquisitive process by our designers allows AirClad to always be one step into the future.

Our Range |


Lightweight, ‘pop-up’, rapidly deployed event system

AirClad Xpress has been developed for the maximum speed of installation. It was initially developed for the Snoozy Mobile Hotel rooms, there was a demand to install 80-200 room hotels in 8 hours. In fact we only needed 6 minutes for 1 room! We achieved this using our bespoke, folding hinge system, which allows the frame, fascia glazing and doors to be manufactured as one unit and folded flat for transportation and storage. The structure is set up on-site by folding the front and rear fascias up, inserting the cross bracing, wrapping the aircells around then inflating the aircells to secure the structure. 

Diversifying the Range |


Bespoke design solutions are built upon real operational and live event experience.

We know from experience that design and technical demands may require individual treatment. Bespoke solutions are built upon the versatile design language of AirClad while tailoring details and aesthetics to fulfil the demands of these projects. Our design team will look at your ideas and give top line advice prior to engaging in the design process, once both parties are happy we will work together with you to develop a full working brief to develop your structure. Our experience with the development of the core structures coupled with field experience give the best foundation to develop bespoke solutions with full confidence in the end result. Be it a tour, one off installation or a completely new concept you see for AirClad we have the full support to assist. For more information we have a detailed tour of the process in the bespoke section.

Our 2017 Brochure | Download the PDF Here