IWX is the operational side for AirClad X in the UK which manages the commercial business in the territory and is the template for potential partners globally.
Not only does it exist to deliver premium retail and event architecture, but it provides invaluable and unrivalled experience and knowledge of the market, through continued use of the AirClad X range.
This in turn, allows us to offer our clients the reassurance that a Lifetime Guarantee provides along side a stress free service.


Experience & Expertise

It’s what helps to shape our DNA. It’s what helps build our belief behind what we do and why we do it.


Attitude & Approach

Never phased by what we are faced with, we maintain an obsessive attitude that will always get things done and an approach that is inclusive, honest and dynamic.


Reliability & Efficiency

Just like the attributes of the AirClad X range, our crews are recruited with reliability as an integral asset. Efficiency is baked in through their experiences on site.


Creative Speed

#FastArchitecture is at the heart of our brand. It’s what sets us apart from other operational companies. We understand how important time is, and that saving it is invaluable.


A Brand Standard

For those who want to work with or represent us in different territories or zones, IWX sets a global template.


A LifeTime of Reassurance

Our ultimate goal is to make things simple. So providing an industry-leading Guarantee is all about our clients peace of mind.