An open-terrace, modular decking system for use above the AirClad XPO 4m or 6m structures. The bold styling of the XDEK 6 commands any space to distinguish your brand whilst offering your guests a unique perspective.

The XDEK6 is a modular 10m wide platform with mutt-position access stairs, constructed from anodised aluminium. For use in conjunction with the 6m XPO, the XDEK6 adds whole other dimension to the EXPRO range.

Refined to create a fast, easy to install structure, the XDEK6 retains the look and feel of contemporary urban architecture whilst offering exceptional functionality and durability. The XDEK6 is currently available in 6m and 10m iterations but can be made wider as required. In-keeping with the modularity of the XPO and XO structures, the XDEK6 extends in depth in 2.5m increments making it suitable for a multitude of situations. Branded banners and flags can be mounted to the hand rails around the upper deck to showcase your brand. The lower legs of the XDEK6 are designed to incorporate seating between them to create an outdoor, social meeting space.

Engineered to have the XO4 structure mounted on the terrace to provide shelter in adverse weather, the XDEK6 can be used as a portable event space or set up and left permanently virtually anywhere.

The XDEK6 is proudly designed and produced in the EU and is engineered to Euro Code 13782.