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The concept of Snoozy was conceived in 2013 as part of our AirClad development, the original Snoozy was targeted at festival accommodation


Over 18 months we developed a series of prototypes to move from a concept to a reality


In 2014 we had our very first Snoozy! A flat-packed, pop-up room to incorporate all the features typically expected from a hotel room


In 2015 we produced the first 220 units, and deployed them to over 25 events in the UK.


Snoozy’s success didn’t go unrecognised, in 2015 it won a Red Dot Award for Product Design. 


In 2016 we launched our first Snoozy accommodation in Portugal and Finland, with enquiries and opportunities developing across the world

Our Vision

With the growth in demand we have embraced this to provide a range of room levels which will cater for the broad spectrum of global demands

Meet the family

A more complete hotel experience targets a market base outside of festivals, such as corporate event based accommodation, high-end hotel suites, all the way across to accommodation that meets extreme hostile environmental demands. 

Air & Air+

An airflow structure that offers an economic, social, fun and engaging pop-up experience, available in 3m and 6m and various bed options. Designed as an ultra flat-packed solution capable of fitting in a duffel bag. It deploys in under 10 minutes and over 300 can fit on a truck. 


This has been designed as a flat-packed, self-assembly room, offering lightweight accommodation for up to 4 people. Snoozy Shelter is the ideal platform to develop a short to medium term, volume accommodation solution, whether it be military, refugee or quick even accommodation. 50 units of the Shelter can be loaded on to a truck and it can be deployed in under 10 minutes. 


This is the first in our line of pop-up accommodation options, it is a stripped out, cost-effective, lightweight version of the Snoozy Pro. It differs from the pro in that the fascia is also made of fabric. 40 of these can fit on a truck, and it can be deployed in less than 10 minutes. It offers accommodation for up to 4 people, with the option to tailor the interior as needed. 


A premium quality room with the enhanced feeling of being in your own private space. This was the launch product and will always have a fond place in our hearts and it sits as the foundation to the bigger mobile hotel experience. 40 Pros can fit on a truck and it’s deployment time is less than 10 minutes. 


The ensuite and the ensuite+ are akin to a business class room, with all the amenities you would expect from a private ensuite bathroom designed to architectural standards


The ensuite+ is a wider room, allowing the option to add further bedrooms and living spaces. 24 of the single bay ensuites can fit on a truck and it can be put up in half an hour. 


No one should miss our upper class room, with all the luxurious amenities you would expect from a top resort villa. It can be sited in places at the end of your imagination, the ground is fine – but why not take a flight of fancy and have one on a roof top, soaking up those impressive views? The villa has a spacious living area with private bedrooms, ensuites and kitchen options, and can be extended to become up to a 6 bedroom villa.


This is where the challenges of harsh conditions bring out the best in us designers. Typically such demands are treated with only cold engineering solutions. The Snoozy Extreme challenges this was a softer approach, to tame the most severe of environments while delivering a space for the future. 


Snoozys have endless possible features but our more standard accessories include LED mood lighting, secure keyless entry, and storage shelves with coat hangers. 

AirClad Reception

Other AirClad products take the experience further. With the varying scopes and sizes of an AirClad, we can create your ideal reception. Whether it is simply a check in area, or a waiting lounge or even a double storey of a terrace incorporating other guest experiences – we have the solution!

AirClad Social Space

The possibilities are endless, depending on what you need – an AirClad can be transformed in to whatever space is required

AirClad Restaurant

Here you can see an AirClad giving the perfect cantine, bar or restaurant option

Yum Yum

A YumYum is an ideal small reception or even a little coffee or smoothie kiosk

The Experience

The idea is to create a full mobile hotel experience, complete with entertainment, wellness and endless other facilities. 

The Snoozy Sauna

Even our own Snoozy products can be diversified to provide that little bit extra. 

The Village

We can create a fully branded event showcase, enabling each customer to take full ownership of their event.

Embracing Snoozy

There are 4 core ways to work with us. 





Purchasing through Opblaasbaar or one of the authorised resellers.


Snoozys are designed and produced exclusively in the EU by Opblaasbaar BVBA. A list of authorized resellers can be found at





Operation agreement- offered exclusively through Opblaasbaar BVBA.


For prospective operators with capability to operate, invest, and develop Snoozy in a country or region. Part of the SnoozySpace (SS) brand, in which the operator joins this branded mobile hotel chain.





Rental- currently available from InflateWorks Ltd for the UK and EU.


We have the facility to offer rentals further a field if required. As more operator agreements open, our rental spread will increase. Rentals are available event by event or per season.





Branding- corporate brands and clients, full event management service.


Opblaasbaar offers the ability to build your own complete event with all grades of accommodation and service.