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The eXpo system is supplied as a clear space ready to fit out as you need. We have developed and sourced a selection of enhancements to this core system. In the demanding work of touring events, investments in quality fixtures and fittings pays for themselves over and over. This is not a finite list but is the key ones we feel, from experience, deliver the right balance of creativity, function and longevity.

Enhancements |



Enhancements |


AirClad structures respond to lighting with great effect. The interior and the exterior can be illuminated in a number of ways with wall washers or specifically projected lighting where a more ambient theme is needed, such as GoBos. For functional operations, such as retail or product displays, we recommend to use task lighting such as over head or wall mounted spot lighting.

Almost all the lighting we supply is LED. The ambient lighting is easily programmable with most colour and lighting effects operated via DMX control. For complex and choreographed lighting displays we can work with your specialist team to ensure all the details on the AirClad will compliment the hardware needed to create the right effect.

Wall washers

Wall washers typically come as LED batons. These will be mounted on the floor inside the structures and can have a glare cover mounted on the floor in front of them.

For the exterior wall washers we supply a fixing plate which attaches to the exterior Keder rails which in turn the LED baton connects to. This fixing secures the baton from being stolen or interfered with during and after operations.

Spot Lights

The spot lighting all fit within a track system that is mounted to the main frame of the AirClad. This includes the walls and the ceiling. It is also possible to make spot light connections on the cross beams if needed.

Floor lights

Recessed floor lighting and plug sockets can be integrated to the AirClad. This can form part of the initial design specification or can be added at any time after delivery. 

Task Lighting

The task lighting is ideal for shop fit displays and office applications. These can be incorporated to the frame or be powered from anywhere under the flooring. We work with preferred suppliers such as Flos and Artimede to supply the most engaging up to date lighting solutions

Ambient Ceiling Lights

We can suspend pretty much any type of creative ceiling lighting to the AirClad frame. As with the task lighting we a range of preferred suppliers, with Moooi offering some of the most creative designs currently on the market.


If you cannot find what you need we will always try to create a bespoke solution to accommodate your needs.


Enhancements |


The flooring comes as standard with black resin coated 18mm ply wood. This is supplied as an under flooring to which most tile or roll-type flooring can be added. The purpose for this is that in most cases the structures are used for temporary events and as such need to be re usable and efficient to operate.

We can replace the resin floor with other substrates to give a finished look. The options are endless but typical options would be exposed wood-varnished flooring, aluminium or stainless steel, marble, and pre-laminated rubber. The flooring can also have branded covers.

Exhibition Carpet or Vinyl

The most typical floor finish is carpet or vinyl. There is a growing selection of off the shelf solutions here to suit most needs. In most cases these can also be re cycled after the event.


Rubber flooring is a great way to deliver a high impact and good looking industrial solutions where demand on the surface is going to be heavy and maybe over many weeks or permanently. The rubber can be laid once the structure is installed or pre laminated to the flooring from our factory. As well as using temporary rubber flooring we also recommend Dalsouple flooring.

Astro Turf

This is a popular way not only to create clean outside spaces but is also becoming popular as and interior solution. There is a huge selection of suppliers of industrial astro turf and a limited selection of colours. For a softer larger ranges of colours and quality we work with Freek Grass.


If you cannot find what you need or the look or feel that you want, we will always create a bespoke solution to accommodate your needs.


Enhancements |

 Audio Visual

The use of AV really brings the AirClad to life. This can be simply mounting screens, full cinematic experience an Audio nightclub vibe, or in fact anything you need at all. The AirClad has the facility to mount virtually all types of AV equipment. The frames and cross bracing are capable to take 50kg every 1m. The cross bracing is 50mm diameter allowing for most clamp on suppliers equipment to fit.


LED screens can mount onto all the cross bracing via a clamp. The cross bracing is gridded approx. every 2m around the main frame. The can be re positioned to suit specific screen location needs if required.


As with the screens there is a huge option to wall and ceiling mount the speakers from the cross bracing. The main frame up rights are also suitable for mounting speakers. The flooring has a cavity so if required floor mounted speakers can be incorporated. We have used Bose speakers in many cases for ambient easy to operate event tunes.


Projectors can be mounted anywhere on the frame or cross bracing. The structures as standard are 2.8m high internally so the individual projectors focal length and required screen size will need to be evaluated to ensure the desired effect can be achieved.


Enhancements |

 Shop Fit

There is a growing demand of mobile event spaces that morph into pop up retail. The AirClad is rapidly becoming a go to product as the architectural platform for these applications. We are developing our unique range of shop fit components that have been developed to offer a full system of integrated clip in items all tailored to maximise the look and feel of a great retail environment while being fast and easy to use, with full options to brand your own unique look.

Wall Panels

The AirClad frame uses our unique puck mounting system. This allows all the wall panelling to be hooked on after or during installation. These wall panels are each 2.4m by 1.2m panels. Multiples are used to cover the whole wall if needed, even thought the inside of the AirClad skin is already designed as a cosmetic finish.

The wall panels can be used to display graphics, print or illuminated, and have extra acoustic layers when used for office or classroom environments. The wall panels also form the basis which our other shop fit accessories fit into.


Shelves can be used with and without the wall system. They will hook into the frame pucks or the walling. Normally for full width shelves they would fit into the frame pucks. For smaller shelves they would need to work with the wall system.

Clothes Rails

Recessed floor lighting can be integrated to the AirClad. This can form part of the initial design specification or can be added at any time after delivery.


Storage units can clip between the frame pucks where full width units are needed. Smaller storage units will clip on the wall panels as with the shelving. As well as making our own bespoke solutions have worked to incorporate the Vitsue system into the AirClad frame.


Enhancements |


Branding is a great way to enhance your event and structure. We have a huge range of options to compliment the AirClad be it temporary or permanent. Typical branding requests are to have logos on the inside and outside of the air cells or on the front fascia. However, we are able to create more 3D effects if needed. For all printed art work we require EPS files in advance of any print to ensure it will work for you as planned.

Permanent Branding

For multi coloured and complex imagery we use ink jet printing. This is a one process surface print of very high quality. As this is a surface print the images can be scratched during installation and de rigging if proper care is not taken. Screen printing services can be used on all the materials, however the screen sizes limit the cost effectiveness and quality that can be achieved on larger images. The screen printing is only considered for block colours not half tones or tonal work.

We will work from your own 2D or 3D artwork and manipulate this to fit the most complicated forms, if required we can also generate the artwork from scratch.

Temporary Branding

This is often used for hire events or where the branding is only needed for a limited time. Temporary logos and letters can be applied to all the structures with CNC cut vinyl and dacron films. We are able to fully ink jet print the vinyl’s prior to application.

These films can remain on between events where the air cells can be packed flat to prevent creasing.

Bespoke Branding

The AirClad structures are strong enough to mount items on the roof and the sides. These can be customized inflatable items which are fast and easy to install, or another construction such as a flag pole, assuming loads less that 50kg per m. We will work with any brief and find one off branding solutions where needed.


Enhancements |



The materials in the construction of the AirClad are all chosen based on performance and longevity. For the outside skin we use a polyester re enforced PVC. These are available in many colours and we even now have a chrome finish. Our preferred material supplier is

For the interior we are able to use a greater degree of material types such as felt, cottons, embroidered fabrics and even leather. So if you need an extra special feel to the interior we can work with most forms of rolled fabrics.


Reception decking can be added at the front of the AirClad and recessed decking can be incorporated into the look and feel of the main AirClad structure it self. The finish and look of the decking can follow the same specifications as the flooring features described in this section


Sun and rain shields can be inserted into the Keder extrusions at the front and rear of the AirClad. These are flexible, flat packed fast and efficient to use. For the more bespoke we will design and produce complimentary awnings and sun shades. The AirClad XO system can also be used as a sun shade.


The front and rear of the AirClad has a flush or recessed glazed fascia. This incorporates the doors. For mobile applications we use 8mm polycarbonate and permanent we use 8mm plate glass. These can be finished in a range of tints and opaque colours.

We are also able to create windows at the side. These can be as simple as clear sections welded into the aircell or we can insert frame sections to be glazed with the same properties as the fascia.